Graham Idy, Matthew King Akazue

On behalf of Graham King Idy and I,

We want to say a big thanks to you Sir. The experience you took us through in the process of buying our new home was one of a kind.

Your patience, your love, your wide range of knowledge in business and your sense of presentation testifies to high heavens that America is truly great. And the Spirit of God in your life makes the difference, and this is much more than gold.

Even Graham can testify that you’re a man with such a pure heart. Your sense of professionalism beats my imagination, and Nancy in your life makes you unbeatable.

I have seen godly men all my life, but you’re one of a kind. And in this whole process, you have thought me humility in a whole new dimension. United States would remain great because of personalities like you. And I praise and worship the God you serve,

Your name has become a household name in our home, and we can’t wait to recommend not just anybody but good people to you. You’re a blessing to us, and we bless the day we met you,

We’re home now and we’re happy and so pleased to call this place home, indeed a promised land. And to say thank you doesn’t just seem enough. So we say the good Lord bless your beautiful soul and family and business in Jesus name.



Matthew King