I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for all the hard work Jerry and his


associates put in to the process of buying our new home.


It a1 began the summer of 2005 when Chuck received a solicitation call from the


National Homeowner’s Association. A lady by the name of Amber explained to him how


we could get into a house with no money down. She wanted to set an appointment for


Jerry to come out to our apartment and explain the process. So Chuck scheduled an


appointment. Latter that night when I got home, Chuck told me about the appointment.


My response was, “it’s a scam.” But we decided to listen anyway thinking that it was


too good to be true.


Jerry, arrived at our apartment and was very polite and professional and continued to


explain the process. It sounded good but unfortunately we had just singed a year’s lease


with the apartment complex and it would not be up until March 2006. He thanked us for


our time and told us to keep him in mind.


When January rolled around, we decided to call Jerry and ask him to come back out. Jerry told us that he wanted the opportunity to earn our business. We started the process of


looking for our home. Chuck’s schedule was hectic at the time, so Jerry, my dad and I


looked at several homes but found none that really grabbed ya. When we did find a home


we liked it already had a contract on it…I would start to get discouraged and Jerry would always encourage me and say ‘o you’ll find the one you want we just to have to keep on


looking and not give up”. He would always lift my spirits and say, “When you find the


home you want it will make you light up and then you will know that is the one you




One Saturday afternoon in February Chuck and I found the home of our dreams. The


house made me light up and I knew it was the one! !! Just like Jerry said it would.


I have to tell you that we are so happy and proud of our home! If you are interested in


buying a home Jerry is the person to trust. He did everything he promised and more!!


Even with my skepticism” Jerry was always there for us and assured us that having equity


in a home is so much better than renting an apartment and having no equity and owning


nothing. . He is a professional and has defiantly earned the right to our business. We


consider Jerry not only our real-estate agent but also our friend. Jerry we thank you and


you firm from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work… Thank you for making


our dreams come true!! ! It is such a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and


know that we are living in a home that belongs to us! !! Building equity for our future


instead of someone else’s. . .


Sorry it has taken me so long to write this letter but my schedule has been so hectic…


Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!



Leslie and Chuck